• BJ Cuffs

Just Business Releases January 6th!!!

From the mind of BJ Cuffs comes an erotic series to heat things up.

My company is just getting off the ground, something I've dreamed of doing my whole life. It's hard work, long hours, and takes the kind of perseverance I've ingrained in myself since I was a girl. But even the hardest working women, need time to play. And playing is exactly what I like to do. Deep within the halls of the Dungeon the mild mannered Boss Lady disappears and the Mistress cracks her whip. My very first conquest? A man with no moral compass, and far too much money for one person. Will I break him? Or will he come crawling back to my leather boots, asking for more? Only time will tell, and I have lots of ways I'm planning to pass that time.

Writing this series has been thrilling, sexy, and sometimes cringe worthy. There are fantasies lurking in every person's deepest inner dungeons, and these books bring a lot of them to life.

Esmerelda is smart, cautious, and seduced by the allure of being a Mistress. With her hearing aid for finding her next prey, she finds herself in a twisted world of day time Esmerelda, and the night time, Mistress of the Dungeon.

Like so many others, Esmerelda didn't fully understand the extent in which she craved that dominance. But when she finally found it, there was no turning back for her. This series has doctors, business men, frat boys, and even a priest. Everything done in the dungeon is done with trust of the Mistress, and she is really good at figuring out what their hidden fantasies are.

The stories are raw, none of the typical romance stuff. Just women in power and men learning lessons. It's definitely an interesting and seductive read. And its only the beginning.